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Here’s the official press blurb. I’ll add my own two cents to it as soon as I can.

Everyone loves chips, from potato to plantain to kale. Now, with these delectable recipes, you can take control of both the ingredients and the cooking method. Choose from savory or sweet varieties, including vegetables (potatoes of all kinds, beets, squash), fruit (apples, bananas, pears), and other fun options (pitas, tortillas, wonton wrappers). Get a primer on potatoes, find out about tasty toppers and delectable drizzles, and try out some perfectly matched dips. Several top food bloggers are contributing their favorites, and the yummy photographs look good enough to eat.

About the Author

During a long run as Senior Art Director of Lark Books, Chris Bryant became the in-house food authority. His knowledge of cooking and culinary trends helped guide Lark’s food titles, including Cake Ladies, A Year of Pies, and the Homemade Living series. Chris is a professional food and photo stylist and recipe developer. He is a member of Southern Foodways Alliance, Slow Food USA, and Culinary Historians of Piedmont North Carolina.


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  1. Hi Chris,
    I love your book! I’m making your beautiful pear chips as gifts for the holidays. In the recipe you list 1/2 lemon, but don’t say if it goes in the syrup as a half or juiced. A minor oversight, but I’d like to know. I’m sure they will turn out great regardless.
    I’m so inspired by your book, thank you!!

    • Hi Yvonne. I’m so pleased you’re inspired! I love the crystal pears so much. Made my last batch to serve with a pear spice cake this autumn. I’m in Mexico right now without the book but a draft page proof on my laptop shows the lemon being squeezed on the pear slices near the end of the Preparing the Pears step. I should have been specific and written squeeze the lemon half! Have a great new year!

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